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AR logo Access Recreation; this page is Credits and acknowledgements

Georgena Moran, Access Recreation project coordinator, for providing the original vision of what would enable people with disabilities to enjoy outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest.

The Access Recreation Committee of public agencies and non-profit entities that have supported this effort from the start.

A generous Grant, in 2011, from the Recreational Trails Program of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Independent Living Resources for its support and guidance.

The core subcommittee that developed the structure and the text of these Guidelines, consisting of:

  1. Danielle Bailey, Oregon Health Sciences University

  2. Richard Bosch Architect, accessible design specialist

  3. Angela Butsch, US Fish and Wildlife Service

  4. Nickole Cheron, City of Portland

  5. Chuck Frayer, US Forest Service

  6. Greg Hawley, Portland Parks and Recreation, Hoyt Arboretum

  7. Erin Hesby, Access Recreation project facilitator [emeritus]

  8. Patricia Kepler, Independent Living Resources

  9. Sharon Mitchell, Access Recreation project facilitator

  10. Georgena Moran, Access Recreation project coordinator

  11. Dana Perez, US Fish and Wildlife Service

  12. Eric Rosewall, The Intertwine

  13. Debbie Timmins, Portland Parks and Recreation [emeritus]

  14. Richard Walkoski, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, Tryon Creek State Park, Metro, Independent Living Resources, and the City of Portland for providing meeting space and presentation facilities.

Richard Bosch and Eric Rosewall for their hard work to further develop these Guidelines and their expertise to publish these Guidelines as a web-document.

Additional support from:

  1. Barry Fox-Quamme, Independent Living Resources, director, for his indefatigable energy to administer the Grant

  2. May Altman, Independent Living Resources, project liaison

  3. Bret Westwood, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services, past director

  4. Roslyn Farrington, All About Community, project consultant

Credits and acknowledgements


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As with any complex document, this project represents the effort of many people and entities, a short list of whom and which is provided here.

“It's been a long time coming but there should be no remaining reason not to implement such a simple and elegant solution to information sharing!”

“Excellent presentation and such a huge asset to our field. Thank you!”

“...very informative presentation/appreciate methodical organized thinking that was presented”

“As a local park agency manager, who has followed this work from the beginning, I find the information from this document to be embarrassingly simple!“

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